AM Vehicle Diagnostics offers an Auto Electrician Mobile Service

For North London (N), North West London (NW), West London(W) and Surrounding areas call
07950 828 682

For Dunstable , Luton, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury  and
Surrounding areas call 
07486 607 005

We provide in depth diagnostics and auto electrical service 

What do we do first?
We will do an initial diagnostics inspection (this is not just reading fault codes and change parts based on this) depending on the problem with your car. This may include one, a few or all the below:
-Plug in a diagnostics computer.
-Running a full scan of the vehicle to check fault codes in all the control modules. 
-Reading fault codes – this is to establish what the car thinks is wrong with itself.
-Reading live data depending on the above DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code). This is to check if the data is correct.
-Visual inspection to wiring, sensor, control module, fuses, etc
-Other fault finding problem solving
Once we have completed our initial diagnostics, the issue may be fixed or we will give you a quote for the cost of the repair. If it requires more in-depth diagnostic testing then we will provide a quote for this before proceeding. This involves fault finding problem solving i.e. using other testing equipment, testing components, checking wiring etc.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, polite and professional service to all out customers.
Bookings can be made for the same day or next day (subject to availability).

Below is a list of possible problems that your vehicle may have and that we can help with
Airbag Lights
Engine Service Lights
ABS Lights
Engine Management Lights
Diagnostic – clear and read codes
Tyre Pressure Management – Renault etc.
Fault Finding Categories
Central Locking – Locks
Electric Windows
Lighting Systems
Fault Finding Diagnostics
Non starting
Cut out and will not start
Loss of drive
Loss of power
Loss of lights or electrical problem
Battery keeps draining and running flat
Central Locking not working
Alarm not Working
Car won’t start – Immobiliser Light On
Car won’t Start – Immobiliser Light Flashing
Car won’t Start – Immobiliser Light Off Car Starts then Stops
Airbag or SRS Light On
ABS Light Staying On
ABS & Traction Control Problems
Emission Related Problems
MOT failure?
Using too much fuel?
Check Engine Light On?
Cat or Catalytic Converter Failure?
Electric window repairs and conversions
Central locking repairs and conversions
Installation and repair of alarm and immobiliser systems
Split charging systems
High capacity charging systems
Charging system testing, repair and upgrades
Wiring repairs and improvements
Custom built wiring harnesses and looms
Reversing sensors, warning systems and camera systems
Air Conditioning Repairs
Fault Diagnosis
Reversing Sensors
Vehicle Instrument Panels
Seat Adjustments
Mirror Adjustments
Auto Control Module
Parking Sensors
Power Train Control Module
Climate Control
Engine Management

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