Mobile Car Or Van Brake Pad, Brake Fitting Service, Inspection Service

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Mobile Car or Van Brake Pad, Brake Shoes, Brake Disk Fitting Service, Inspection Service

AM Vehicle Diagnostics offers a mobile car or van brake pad, brake shoes, brake disk fitting service also inspection service
If you would like to book an appointment for a Brake inspection, Brake pad fitting, Brake discs fitting,

Grinding noise when applying your brakes;
Usually means that your brake pads have reached the minimum thickness and need changing ASAP.

Pull to the left or right when braking hard;
Normally suggests that there could be a sticking on the brake discs or issues with the hydraulic elements of the brakes.

You may notice an illuminated brake warning light on the instrument panel when applying your brakes;
Normally means the your brake pads are low and need changing ASAP.
Feel a continuous pulsating from the brake pedal;
Normally associated with a distorted brake disc or drum.

A spongy feeling on the brake pedal;
This spongy feeling indicates that there is air in the hydraulic system due to a brake fluid leak and will need to be investigated.

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