AM Vehicle Diagnostics offers vehicle remapping Mobile Service

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AM Vehicle Diagnostics offers a vehicle remapping service

We are a proud installation centre for the Impact Tuning Network. A unique tuning company, associated with some of the best tuning houses across the UK.

What are we offering with our Remapping service?

FREE health check to see if your car is eligible

FREE half an hour carbon clean with every remap worth £55 (for a limited time only)

So, what are the benefits? (using the Stage 1 remap as an example)

-Increased power

-Increased torque

-Better driveability

-Improved fuel economy

Why use AM Vehicle Diagnostics for my remapping near me?

We are not just a tuning company, we are an independent auto electrical and diagnostics specialist, so we know exactly how your vehicle should be running.

Unlike many remapping companies that will just carry out a basic file installation, we offer a more thorough and professional service that comprises of a complete ECU (Engine Control Unit) Diagnostic check and visual engine component inspection before any remapping file calibration.

Only when we are completely happy that your vehicle is in a healthy condition and 100% right for your vehicle, we will then proceed with the remapping service.

We have over 15+ years extensive experience in the Automotive Industry, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in the best possible hands.

We work with Impact Tuning Network and only use genuine and fully updated tools for your complete piece of mind and total reliability.

We use a dedicated voltage stabilized charger during reprogramming.

We carry out ECU Diagnostic checks before and after recalibration.

Our stage 1 remap cost £245


One of most common questions asked is “Why don’t the manufacturers do it from factory?”

Loads of reasons, but the main reason is marketing.

They need to have different models at different outputs so that they have options for everyone, but it’s cheaper to build them at a similar spec and then restrict their power than to build at different outputs.

The RS3 is a great example, using the stage 1 remapping it would gain around 80bhp. If they built it with that amount of power as standard it would be faster than the RS4. They can’t increase the RS4 as to do so would make it faster than the RS6 etc

Is a remapping safe?

When your vehicle is remapped it will add a small amount of extra strain to it. All of our files are well within the safe parameters of the vehicle’s components (such as the engine, transmission and drivetrain) capabilities. We would only increase engine output to what we deem to be safe as it wouldn’t be beneficial for us, or you, to push your vehicle to anything beyond that.


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